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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SHITTASTIC! part two...

part one is HERE...

i seem to be having some seriously bad luck with plumbing this year, NONE of it my fault.
no, really.

so The Matt and i have recently moved into Austin, away from the damn shotgun house with no damn doors, and into a nice and shiny 3 bedroom house WITH hallways and doors, thankyouverymuch!

it was great... for the first two weeks.
and then...
well, it's OUR house, so something had to be wrong with it, right?

it started as flooding when we took a shower in our master bath... "why is the entire floor covered in water?  hmm.  maybe i didn't close the shower curtain enough.  will fix next time!"

only next time?  yeah.  that resulted in MAJOR flooding, into our room - and onto the brand-new fucking carpet. because obviously, we can't have nice things, even if I'M not the cuprit, for once.

and then the toilet was flushed....
oh god.  we weren't getting an overflowing toilet... we were getting a backup of (thankfully clean) water from the UNDERSIDE of the toilet.  what the holy fuck?
we called the realty company.

turns out?  foundation is all kinds of fucked up, and so is our plumbing.

suffice to say, ever since the last week of january, we've had the door to our master bath firmly shut?  why, you say?  oh, no reason...

well.  maybe there's a reason.

the realty plumbers came within 24 hours, and after yanking up the toilet and realizing there was a REALLY BIG PROBLEM, they contacted the landlord, who said "okay, we'll have the foundation guy come back, he's still under contract."

and, we waited.  and waited.  meanwhile...

this.  they left an OPEN SEWER PIPE in our house... in our fucking bedroom.
...for two months.

yes, really.
we had no contact information for the landlord, so when the foundation guy failed to show, for weeks running, we could only contact the realty guy who was SUPPOSED to be fixing it...
no dice.

so it stayed like this.  and the door stayed firmly shut, because...

well, suffice to say that the bathroom smells like musty asshole, and the only thing good enough to combat it is the MOST AWESOME scented candle someone gave me as a housewarming gift.

funny enough, we found out a few weeks ago that we had a NEW realty rep dude, one who *apparently* had NO IDEA about the shitstorm situation we had in the house.

we raised a motherfucking fuss, lemme tell you.  and dude (finally.  FINALLY!) got some shit done.  eventually.  after another two weeks, the foundation guy showed up at the house, and right now they're underneath the house, banging around.

the original plumbers left this shitwater mess on our carpet, and the realty company will be getting that steam cleaned, you BETTER believe it.

i'd be more pissed about this situation, except we got a whole months' rent for free, and i also get to imagine that every time i flush the toilet, it might just leak on that motherfucking foundation guy's head.  because fuck knows, half our plumbing is backed up in the house, and there IS a leak somewhere...