Welcome to Hell

Welcome to hell. Please take a number. Her Evilness will be with you when she damn well feels like it.

I Lurk Other Places

if you are a fan of my stripping endeavors, there's a bit more about that over here on my dancer blog.
i tend not to chat about it as much here, unless it's really, really funny.
in that case, those entries are usually cross-posted, so there's a bit of repeat.  but.
welcome to my stripper world on tumblr, feel free to come in anytime.
i will mention that while i link to that blog here, i don't link to here from there.
that one has a tad bit more internet anonymity/mystery.  so, respect that, yo.
i'm a former dancer, so it's not updated much anymore.

i am a "legitimate" writer, too.
among writing nonfiction and short stories (which i should really put up on a blog sometime...), i also write poetry.
i know, y'all are cringing right now.
you have NO obligation to read it.  it has NOTHING to do with this blog.
but, if you're a fellow poetry nerd,
it lives here.

(and no, in case you are wondering - i do not suck at poetry.  i went to school for it.  however, it may not be your thing.  it does tend to be more like a punch in the face versus a "ooh pretty flowers" affair.  you are thusly forewarned.)