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Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaNoWriMo updates


Brutal, Callous Honesty.

I’m known for it. And I don’t mean in the good way. I mean in the “Yes dear, you do look fat in that dress,” way. Some people like it, but I imagine it’s not a great friend-winning personality flaw.

Still, some people do tend to like me. Like Matt. I have no idea why he decided to have anything to do with me. I basically met him, and gave him all the honesty up front. We started out by meeting for drinks at a bar. Now, most people will dress up for a date – I went to this rendezvous in jeans, a baggy black hoodie, and absolutely no make-up. Hell, it’s how I usually look – why pretend any differently? We chatted back and forth, laid out the bare-bones details, and then I let fly with a little spiel that probably went something like this:

“Well, I’m not really looking to date anyone right now, so I’m pretty much on ‘friends-with-benefits’ level. I work full-time and I like space. Oh, and I’m definitely going to fuck other people. If that’s a problem, you probably don’t want to come anywhere near me.”

Somehow, Matt decided that he liked me, and although he did make me call him (he refuses to call a girl first on the “I want her to like me enough to call” basis, I call shenanigans on this particular viewpoint.), we did go out again. Well, we didn’t really go out. We just hung out at his house, smoked hookah, watched a movie, and fucked each other’s brains out. Not much “out” involved.

Somewhere early on in our “not-a-relationship” stage, I blurted out something that I STILL can’t live down. In my defense, I was drunk. And so was Matt. We were staying at my house, lying in bed, and very close to being asleep.

I said something humorous to him (can’t remember what, see: drunk) which evidently amused him, and he responded with “I like you.”

Most people would think that was cute, or romantic or something. They might even choose to reply in kind.

Me? Nah. I wasn’t looking for anything cute or romantic. So I merely said,
“Yeah… that could be a problem.”

And fell sound asleep.

...i know, i'm such a winner. he's very lucky to have me...

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