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Saturday, May 15, 2010

a bit belated, but whatever...

so a while back, i'm out on this date with a girl i have recently met.

we are like-minded souls - bipolar, crazy, screw both sexes unapolagetically types of girls. we've both recently moved to new orleans, and we're enjoying a night on the town, out in the quarter.

we are in jackson square. the reason we're in jackson square is that R has told me, as we were sitting at a bar, "hey, i may be totally off base here, but do you just want to get out of here and make out like a middle schooler?"
yes, yes i do.
so, we go to jackson square, plop down on a step, and make out, probably to the vague shock of the very old couple meandering around a few yards away.

all of a sudden, R's phone beeps, she checks it (she ALWAYS checks it) and starts hopping up and down, and screaming.
"what?" i say.

"healthcare bill passed!"

we hold hands, and jump up and down, going, "YES YES YES YES!"

"argh this is awesome, i just wanna.... skip or something!" i say.

so, we do.
we hold hands, and skip all around jackson square.

partially because we are dorks, partially because one day, i would like to go to the dentist again. and the eyedoctor. and also maybe pay for allergy meds. all of the above would be terrific.

and despite being a total cynic about pretty much everything (okay well i'm a realist but everyone thinks i'm a cynic), i do have hope that one day, america will get its ass in gear and take care of its people. we all deserve it.

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