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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Liberace's piano, Take Two:

remember this post?

yeah. i gots proof.

check it out:

so i'm at my dad's house, snapping the piano,

dad's like, "what on earth are you doing?" after all, not like i haven't seen, lived with, and played a million pianos.

what i thought: "oh, you know, capturing your awesome flamboyantness for the entire world to look at online..."

what i said: "well, i have this blog, kinda like an online journal..."
dad just looked at me like i've lost my goddamned mind.
who knows, maybe he's right, but still

is that not liberace's piano, ladies and gentlemen, right there before your eyes?
eh? eh?

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noralou said...

haha! awesome! thanks for sharing!