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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i know this is old news, but whatever.

so, it's around spring break time (read: last of april/beginning of may), the Matt and i go down to a bar where a friend of mine from high school is playing with a (really excellent) band, the Los Poboycitos. yeah, go see them, it's fun. if you're in NOLA, anyway.
we get HAMMERED. we're sitting at a table, i leave all my crap there, and proceed to dance with some really fine ladies on the dance floor, who later drop all their crap at my table.
sometime after i'm done
A. poking smot with my friend J upstairs in the bar,
B. meeting his girlfriend and making a drunken ASS of myself,
C. come back to my table to hear the following;

"i swear, i will totally sleep on the couch and not bother you a bit, but my girlfriend is super into you and she would be all about you coming to our house tonight."


A. adorable that my b/f is trying to hook me up with girls...
B. ::facepalm::, b/f does not know that any dick that is not homo dick is like kryptonite for lesbian pussy-getting.

it's okay... he didn't know...
but seriously, how many boyfriends would do that?
the Matt is pretty excellent.

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