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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

your friendly neighborhood drunkblogger

you need proof? easily done, enter proof:

i drank the whole thing.

granted, this is reasonably normal behavior for me. i love champagne/sparkling wines. especially for under $10 a pop, which this one was.
don't get me wrong, i also like the expensive shit, it's just so much easier to justify a $9 bottle of whatever, for any given occasion, such as "i'ma eat way too much junk food tonight, AND drink champs, natch."

evidently the makers of this sparkling/champs thinks i'm retarded, though:

yep, check.

this post is just for the record saying, whatever posts might possibly come after this, know that they are definitely under the influence. therefore, maybe not as funny as they think they are. and we all gots to show the posts who's boss, eh?

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