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Thursday, September 30, 2010

you can't win them all... and sometimes, you just can't win.

y'all will never guess who fucking showed up in my club.

remember Bag of Hammers girl? as in, my former boss, who is Dumber Than A?
(actually, that's insulting the hammers.)

she, who was so holier-than-thou about most of the dancers at the country bar being former/current strippers? the one who repeatedly told us to stop shaking it "like strippers"?
uh huh. guess what she is, now.

my only problem is, really, did it HAVE to be my club? there are so many other fucking clubs she could be working at.
why, why mine?
only my life.

although, i have to admit, it does come with a bit of satisfaction. like, watching her completely fail to make money on the first night of NFL, when she showed up in fucking VIKINGS colors....

and you know, every time i watch her stumble around on the stage looking like she knows all the right stripper moves, but can't manage to make them look like anything but a badly pieced-together montage of the worst moves from a shitty porn, i just smile and smile. i've seem many baby strippers, but most of them just look new. she just looks as if she can't dance, and will never manage to get the look down.
i will be shocked if she lasts a month.

karma lasts laugh. and sometimes, while topless.


Sara said...

Karma's a BITCH.


Satan said...

although frankly i'm kinda sorta a sociopath occasionally, and i wish karma had been a bitch by making her fail her dancing audition (which, btw, for the uninitiated, is really fucking hard to do, you have to SSUUUUUUUCCCCK...).