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Saturday, October 30, 2010

picture spam... halloween costumes! stripper style

today at work totally made up for yesterday's awful shit.
rent (and bills) successfully paid, and then some!

so i took a few pictures today. yep.
also, got a new tattoo.
but first things first:
the "costume" i've been wearing all week...
this is just the demonstration picture. i swear i don't look like this all day at work.

i heart my fangs.

i thought this one turned out interestingly in the weird dressing room lights - so it's GratuitousPictureOfYourselfFriday, as it were.

so, on to today's costume. i was a harem girl. well, or just a gypsy, depending on who you asked. see, that's my dancer name - Gypsy. (yes, if you run into a dancer on bourbon street who goes by Gypsy, 10 to 1 odds it's me, i don't know any others.)

cute, right?

although i will say, the harem pants were a BITCH to try to get off over those heels, so mostly i didn't bother, except for one lapdance. hell, they were see-through. besides, there were a ton of dancers there, so i wasn't on stage too much, which is nice, if there are guys tipping/buying dances in the club. which there were!

tomorrow i'm not at the club, but sunday i'm wearing my pirate stuff, in addition to the belly dancing coins. gypsy pirate, will be the theme. it'll be fun.
and yes, i will take pics then, too.

now, on to my new tattoo!

okay, so you know the music festival i worked last summer? and the picture of me in the bus, in my header?
yeah. well, the name of that bus is Further. (yes, you might want to research Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters to get some back story. in fact, i highly encourage it...)
soooo, my new tattoo is
A. in homage to Further,
B. a nod to the music festival i got to be a part of, and
C. a gay pride tattoo, OBVIOUSLY!

a closer picture:

i know it looks all gross and shiny and scabby right now but that's because i only got it like 3 hours ago, and all the excess ink/plasma/blood still isn't off of it yet...

well, i'm getting there...but i had to play show and tell first!
you're totally welcome.
: ]


Sara said...

The name Gypsy is pretty badass. I think my stripper name would be Crystal Dawn. (That's the street I live on. Isn't it perfect??)

Satan said...

it would totally work...
but you'd have to be the style of stripper that wears lots of hot pink, neon colors, and lots of rhinestones!
and clear 8"platforms, obviously...
: ]