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Thursday, October 7, 2010

VERY IMPORTANT y'all, i need some advice.

so. i went to the salon. got a hair cut and a dye job.
love the hair cut! (first haircut in almost a year... it was truly necessary. no more dead ends, yay.)
not so much the dye job. i think it kinda blows. here, to jog your memory, some pictures of what my hair used to look like:

the plan was to go blonde, in order to do a social experiment.
i mean, i'm a stripper, sure, but i have a brain, and i am frequently bored at work. so i wanted to see if i would be treated differently, if i changed my hair color to blonde, and toned down the "i just pulled out an SAT word at this club, yeah, bitches" stuff i usually do. in other words, acted a bit more "dumb blonde."
for the record, i don't think blondes are dumb. i think boys who expect blondes to be dumb are the stupid ones.
i have also noticed that the plastic-looking blondes at my club seem to be the ones making the most money, so i was also wondering if my money would change. i am just curious, i want to know if it matters!

so. i asked the colorist if she could make me blonde, given my red/green hair, and she was like, "totally, easy."

well, this is the result:

note the "seriously PISSED" face.
yeah, it's definitely not what i was going for.

now. my question for you is, is this haircolor
A. bearable, i should keep it for a month to try and use this for my blonde experiment, or
B. absolutely awful, and i should dye it back to red, IMMEDIATELY?

voting, commence!!!


i am now back at my house. look what matt did to it, in order for me to be able to breathe...

so now, evidently, i am bubble girl. every one of our windows looks like this.
it's not glamorous, but it will at least keep most of the dust out.
i've spent one night back home and it hasn't gotten me sick yet...
we shall see, neighbor, we shall see.
i am still considering billing him for the visit to urgentcare/my inability to go back to work. would that be too bitchy, or just JUST?


Andygirl said...

well, bubble girl, I'm sure the nice thing to say would be that it looks great.

but, I would get my money back. that colorist did a crappy job. sorry.

I would (a) dye it back (plus redheads are tres hot) or (b) find a better colorist to fix the blonde.

alonewithcats said...

I think andygirl just said that because I'm a redhead and she's secretly in love with me. And by "secretly" I mean "totally."

I like blondes. A lot. Really, a lot. But I'm sure you're lovely no matter the hair color.

Satan said...

see, if it were more blonde, i'd be feeling less ambivalent about it.
instead, i am still wondering if my hair looks like crap. argh!

J.R. LeMar said...

Die it back to red, immediately.

nursemyra said...

It's pretty hard to get a good blonde over the red and green straight away. Go back and ask her to fix it.

Satan said...

well hello, new readers, come back soon!

andi said...

get some toner, it will take the orange out. also get your money back. but with your fair skin, you'd look amazing as a blonde and also, blondes DO make a lot of money. xo

Satan said...

i'll either fix it, or i will dye it back...
i've been lazy so far and done nothing...
we'll see what i decide...