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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy belated new years eve, y'all. this is what i did. what did YOU do???

 i took adorable pictures of the cats, which will soon be up on my redbubble...

you have no idea how hard it is to get these fuckers to sit still.

i also colored some more  and discovered the difference between generic crayons, and Crayola crayons. 

the one on the left is the generics, the one on the right is crayola.  closeups:

see that?  shitty coverage & clumping, yo.  bad news.

and this is all nice and smooooooth...  i'm never using any crayon that isn't crayola, ever again.
because i'm just faintly OCD like that.

for new years eve, we got together with a group of people and (stupid us) walked down to the french quarter, because some of us were bloody tourists (shakes fist) and haaad to go to the french quarter on a crazy night...  well, we got good crab legs, so that counts for something. 

as we walked down, we went by the LaLaurie House, thought to be one of the most haunted in the city.  i don't know about that myself, but i do have a friend who will seriously not even walk on that side of the street when she goes past it.  she is straight up freaked out by the place - and i happen to know for sure that she has no idea what the hell went on in it.

doodle i found in the bar


my contribution to the doodleboard (which reads, "Holy Shit! World ends in 1 year! (happy 2011)"

and there were many daiquiris had by... well, me.  only one of those is not mine, and it's the small one.  actually we were in the daiquiri place at midnight, so had to endure bad bar countdown type activities.  also there was a cop posted and i was almost afraid he wouldn't let us take our daiquiris outside the bar, but psssh, i was so wrong, and that place has a freakin' drive through anyway, so i really shouldn't have bothered worrying.  we should have gone through the drive-thru.  just for the tourists. 

then we lit shit on fire, and it was awesome.

and of course, we had obligatory sparklers!!  because that is what you do with leftover fireworks from july 4, when you're in the south.  you light them the fuck up for new years.

 aaand, you have a sparkler war, too.  if you're awesome.  we are awesome.

i'm totally rocking my NOLA and Saints Pride hashtag shirt, plus my raverkid hoodie and glowstick, thinking, "damn, i should be on acid right now!"  that's my usual plan for new years eve... forget the kissing, and proceed straight to awesome sex.  maybe not this year, but next year... muahaha.

eventually the fire got kinda low, and everyone got tired, so we headed home.


then this happened:

this is my view of The Matt trying to grab my boobs.  we do that a lot around here.  only this time, i have evidence!

see how he's all trying to be sneaky.  you're really not fooling anyone with that face, sir.


and then, i became a vampire.  yep that's right... i only drink this stuff now.  well, and the occasional human.

actually this stuff really amuses me, because my actual blood type is O positive.  the more you know... 

just before dawn, on 1/1/11, i took this picture of the view from my back steps.  it's the most familiar scene i see, every day.  i kinda like it rotting back there.  although i'm sure it's not good for my allergies, oh no.

so yeah.  then the next evening, my rat Mimsy died.  and that kinda sucks.  she had been noticeably sick, but there wasn't much i could do about it.  so of course i did the honorable thing:

i gave her a compostable coffin,

Matt dug her a nice grave (in my friend's yard, we only have a concrete patio),

and then we had a Speaking of How Awesome Mimsy Was, and sent her off with style.  and booze.  yes, i poured libations for my rat. 

heh.  fat rats don't run in the wheel, they just monopolize it.

RIP Mimsy, you were kickass.  

now i think i need to get my other rat, Pipsqueak, a buddy...  she looks so lonely in her big cage all by herself.  but we cleaned it top to bottom, and so hopefully she still feels at home.  even if her sister is gone.

so, minus my rat dying, my new years was pretty fantastic.  how was yours??


Brandy Wilcoxen said...

Watched some friends get into a drunken nerf battle which in I was held hostage and later shot in the head by my best friend...classic tale of take the hostage out of the equation. Adults + kids toys + alcohol = an awesome NYE.

Andygirl said...

sorry about your rat.

I miss NOLA! drive-thru daiquiris and all. *sigh*

I went to a lame-ass party with my friend and we split after 10 minutes and went to karaoke at the hutch instead. good times. :)