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Sunday, January 30, 2011

competition time... who can name it best??

i've been deviously slaving away over in my branch of blogdom, creating new debauchery.

now, i'm looking for a name for this brand-new comic strip i'm going to be debuting in the next few months...

keep in mind this is only a preview strip - i haven't really started in on plot & all that shit yet.
and since i'm a writer, naturally i'm going to obsess over plot and make everything "perfect" before i embark upon this project.
but i've been cracking myself up, and i wanted to share just a taste with you guys.

but before i can have plotlines and such, i need a name for this strip.

now, keep in mind:  this strip is SO not all about cheerleaders.  it involves gay girls of all stripes...

so yeah.

who's got a brilliant name for a comic about lesbian barbies??

there may be a prize involved.  definitely all suggestions will be posted on the blog.
okay, GO!


Andygirl said...

call it...Lesbian Barbies!


Barbie swings both ways


Queer Barbies Sexy Funtime


yeah I don't know. haha!

Organic Meatbag said...

Ooooh, let me in, let me in (that's what he said)!

Some ideas:

"M-U-F-F, muff, muff, muff!"
"Plastic Peaches"
"Does the plastic carpet match the vinyl drapes?"
"3 Cheers For Snatch!"
"Upskirt High School USA"

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

The LBC. Isn't that from a rap song? Lesbian, barbie, cheerleaders...Yeah, I'm just not creative this morning.

Satan said...

yes, Brandy, it's from a snoop dogg song - "so much drama in the LBC, it's kinda hard being snoop d - o - double g..."

Autumn C. said...

Uhg! So many ideas!

Cunt-Loving cheerleaders in space

Twats and Sparkles

A Queef in Time

The Lady Lickers Club

Barbies love their honey holes

Anonymous said...

"Go-o, Muffs!"

I think you should do the comic. I'd read it :)

busdweller lindy