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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i'm laaazy. yes, i am. i consider it a talent.

i've been busy (well... for me at least) lately - first, my brother came to invade my house visit for two weeks.

and THEN, i went back with him & my dad to go visit the parental units.  at least half, because they have pools, and dad lives on the beach. yeah, pensacola!  so i became a mermaid for a week, completely leaching the 6 random colors out of my hair in the process.  eh, colors can always be fixed.  worth it!

just when i got back to my own house, my brother, the Matt and i all left, to go visit Austin.  fact:  you can definitely go on a vacation with $75 in spending money for two people.  other fact:   bring food.  and you'll be doing a LOT of walking...

anyway, Austin was fabulous, despite the fact that the high temp was at least 104 the whole time we were there.  at least there's no humidity, and the breeze off the river is quite nice.  plus, cool nights!

i'm sooo excited to be moving there at the end of this year.  love NOLA, but i'm ready to leave.  i'm a traveler at heart; if i didn't have so much shit, i would probably pack a car and just... go everywhere.

now: i have good stories to share about being with the parents and Austin, and about how i was almost in an orgy last night...

it'll have to wait though, because i have to go to the strip club & try to save my broke ass... hahah. ass.  yes, a lot of people will be seeing that tonight.

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