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Thursday, August 11, 2011


i'd blame this on the booze, but frankly there's no excuse.  i am stone cold sober.  i mean it.  (actually that is quite a shame; maybe i should fix that.)
anyway, back to regularly scheduled idiocy.

i'm at my dad's place, stealing the neighbor's free internet.  my dad has probably never touched a computer in his life, so i was pleasantly surprised to get any sort of wireless signal.  it made me so happy.  i am your internet junkie.

of course, dad goes to bed much earlier than i do (i got him high, i'm sure that didn't help - or did he get me high? hmm...).
i have absolutely nothing to do here, once dad goes to sleep.
additionally, my lovely friend Anthony  just bought me a Nicki Minaj CD a few days ago, so i've had it on repeat.  and this bloody song is stuck in my head!

all of this is contextual,  but it absolutely, in no way, excuses this video.
yeah, just watch the damn thing.

i would like to point out a few things here:

you can see my butt in one of those shots, but i'm not telling which.
whatever, i'm wearing underwear and shit.

i am sunburnt as fuck.  i don't think you can see that in the video, but trust me when i say i'm lobster-colored.

i swear, i do not suck at dancing (this badly, at least... i mean, i am a white bitch).

this is what happens when you're dancing around in your dad's guest bedroom, sans choreography, because you obviously need a fucking hobby.

in case you wondered what 5 a.m. looks like at my house... well, this is pretty much it.  except this time it's a traveling show.

my dad's guest bedroom is the least decorated room in the house. i mean, there's only one painting in here - gasp!  as opposed to his living room...

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Brandy Wilcoxen said...

I saw your butt! ;) Also, your dad's got style.