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Monday, September 26, 2011

i'm infecting you with this, just as i was infected.

well, in recent news, i have a new girlfriend.  she is quite adorable, but i don't know if i can post pictures yet. i'll let you know.  ^_^

my new girlfriend Sarah and i went drinking with my dad... and i found out something i REALLY wish i'd known before. the place where we go that serves the frozen margaritas that i love, for 2 for $5 at happy hour...
yeah. evidently, there's two shots in each frozen margarita. so 3 margaritas evidently = 6 shots of tequila. well, that explains why i came home totally plastered after 4 margaritas that one time.

this time, it was 3 margaritas.  and then we went to another bar.  i put 2 nice big glasses of wine on top of that...
suffice to say, there was definitely some drunk going on that night.

Sarah recently infected me with this song.

i can't get it out of my head to save my fucking life, and it's been a week.  so i'm sharing, because i love y'all so much.

somehow, on our incredibly drunken night,
"can't hug every cat"
turned into
"can't hug every Matt, but i can hug this Matt!"
which turned into
"can't fuck every Matt, but i can fuck this Matt!"

but you know what?

"i just had sex!"


chemgirljaime said...

happy happy happy sexy time... woot woot!

and now I need to infect that song to someone else.... cuz while sober it's just annoying as fuck. I can see the entertainment while high/drunk..... I probably would pee myself.

Satan said...


yeah, it's hilarious as shit.
in fact, as an homage to Sarah and her infection of me with this song, when she calls me, the cat song is her ringtone.
yeah, i'm like that.

Paula said...

That cat lady is hilarious.

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Holy shit I was sitting on my couch just surfing.. decided to watch your videos on the blog.. hahahaha.. Sex... it's great.. the song kinda had the feeling of being on a boat..(I'm on a boat look at me I'm on a boat..lol) I guess it took me a min in my addled state to figure it was a huge joke.

I has cats.. wants one? my female is about to pop.. not sure how many she will have.. I will post pics when she does. This batch better have some colors.. last batch was all black long hairs.

Anonymous said...

You can post whatever you like, bay-bay.