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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i dub thee Minions!

i got an award the other day - woo!  i like awards.  shower me with praise!

ahem.  anyway, i'm passing this one along - i just asked who wanted it, and voila!  people came out of the woodwork.  ^_^

@thedeaconblue :   his blog is Holy S!+t
of course you can tell why i like him.  bwahahahaha.

@RubberChickenMa  who writes Rubber Chicken Madness.  
and who doesn't like some rubber chickens?  nobody, that's who.

next is @forever_trust who writes Our Transplant Journey.
she writes about everything!

@crystalpratt is a sloth at House of Sloth. 
how cool are sloths?  way cool.  go get your sloth on!

@blogginglily posts on Just a Lil Blog
he has hilarious beard pictures.  beards are the shit.

all right y'all, come get your button - and pass it on!

1 comment:

Crystal Carter said...

you know, it may not have come with a side of bacon, but how many people can say yheyve received a blog awatd from satan? Five. That's how many. And that's a pretty elite group if you ask me. Not that anyone did.