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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


nah, i'm going to draw this out.  more fun for me.

but first, a picture of me, in the hat i'm about to use for the hat drawing...
yes, i own a freaking top hat.  it's because i'm so much cooler than you my dad is an antiques dealer and gives me random shit ALL THE TIME.  which, naturally, i find fantastic.  

note my freaking FANTASTIC shirt, it's the shit.
and yeah, that weird poky thing over there on my hip is my knife, i swear my hips are not square shaped.  at least, not like that.

hat, with occasional mac.
(a billion gold stars to anyone who knows what i'm referencing with that line!!! Dave, you'll get this one.  : ] )

everyone who signed up for the contest gets rattled around...

...by the Matt... that's why his hands are blurry here, he's shaky-shaky-shakin' that hat!!!

...and ironically enough, Matt pulled Matt.  my Matt didn't win, but this Matt did!!!

congrats, Matt!
here's pics of your brand-new lighter:

now all i need from you is to email me (that'll be on the sidebar over there), so you can give me an address, so's i can mail your lighter to you.  congrats and stuff!!! 

i like doing this, maybe i should do giveaways more often, eh??

: ]


Brandy Wilcoxen said...

Mucho Sadface!

Andygirl said...

that shirt is AWESOME!

Nora said...

woot more giveaways
gimmie gimmie gimmie!
lol j\k

matt said...

Yessssss! I'm emailing you now :).

Three Ninjas said...

I have the same shirt! Well, the "dudes" version.

Three Ninjas said...

Oh, I saw the pictures with the inside of your house and thought, "That looks like it's in New Orleans." Then I scrolled down and saw the La Laurie mansion!

I'm from there too! I used to work on Royal & St. Peter.

Satan said...

yay! i feel like i should also get the "dudes" version, just to even my wardrobe out!

also, i just really love "controversial" shirts that say what i think, without having to get into it with random strangers.

although almost everyone i know balks at my "men on men" vintage porno ads shirt... it's bright pink, and every gay man i know is SO JEALOUS when i wear it.

Three Ninjas said...

I get a lot of comments on mine, which is great when I go out because I don't have to start conversations! The other shirt I wear for the same effect says "ex-masturbator" on it. It's basically my Zero shirt.

I once saw a guy on the Algiers ferry w/ a drawing of two girls 69ing on the back of a hoodie. I was religious at the time so I was "offended". Yay cool / controversial clothing!

Satan said...

hells to the yeah!!!

are you still in nola, or are you halfway round the world?

Three Ninjas said...

I'm in Seattle now! But my entire family still lives on the westbank.

You know what I miss most? Johnny's Poboys.

Satan said...

hell, i'd love to be back in the NW myself, poboys notwithstanding!

but i agree, there is a sore lack of *good* southern food in the NW, to be sure.

i used to live down the street from a restaurant that served a "marinated in sweet tea" pork chop...
i wanted to stone them for blasphemy - ie, trying to fancy up a freaking pork chop, i mean how complicated does it have to be?!?