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Monday, August 1, 2011

laughing at my younger self

whilst scrolling through my ten-year old blog (damned if i'll let the url to that one leak out...), i found a quiz.
i am not, and really never have been, the quiz-taking sort.  minus the purity quiz, because that one is fucking hilarious, especially when taken in groups of people.
however, a few friends have bullied me into some quizzes throughout the years.  

so when i found this one... well, i wanted to take it again, just to see what has changed, if anything.  yes, all the old answers are left unmolested...i last took this when i was 18 or 19.  so it's been a while (i'm 26).  i am, however, leaving out the really fucking boring questions.
new answers are in red.

Full name:  i'm so not gonna leak that one out...

Nicknames:  SATAN
ditto!  some things never change.
What Do You Look Like: red hair, green eyes, 5' 6", ridiculously sexy, (my boyfriend inserts random flattering things here), oh yeah, like a vampire....i never go out in the sun...
 5' 6", red hair, eyes that change from blue to green to grey, dependent upon mood & what color i'm wearing, as Matt says, "Fucking Hot," and i'm still pale-ass white, so i suppose the vampire thing still stands.

Parents: ....one female, one male, divorced
one awesome mom, one delightfully gay & flamboyant dad, still divorced, thank fuck!

Siblings: younger brother 
his name is Logan, and is also Appropriately Awesome.
Future Goals: drop out of school and become ridiculously famous, probably as a brilliant writer, and do all sorts of fun, slightly illegal things
become famous, DEFINITELY as a brilliant writer/blogger, and do shitloads of hilarious, fun, REALLY illegal things.  

What I Want To Be/Do: a writer....duh.....of course i could also be in a band, that would work too.
either of these professions would be awesome.  they also compliment each other, so that's a plus!

 Best Friends: uh.........angela...megrez...ronny....j&c, obviously, god knows who else...maybe i should be listening former best friends
Angela, Megrez, DEFINITELY NOT Ronny (douchebag ex #2), Kat, Anthony, Dave, i'd say the Matt definitely qualifies, shit, we live together.   i have many people i keep up with on the internet, that i'd consider good friends, even if they don't feel the same.

Special Talents Or Skills: i sing - beautifully - (oh shut up) - i've been told i'm great in bed.....i have a long tongue....i play like 3 musical instruments, dancing (all kinds), writing...
i play 5 instruments, i do in fact sing well.  i'm a former ballerina & gymnast, and i am still a dancer.  i'm not sure fucking is a talent.  does drinking count?  what about smoking lots of pot?

Little Known Talent You Possess: anything weird you can possibly do with a tongue
i can make a clover with my tongue.  can you?  ahem.  by the former statement, i did not mean weird sexual things.  although to be honest, i've probably done all of those, too.

Pets And Names: ronny....he's the only pet i have at the moment....
UGH!  ::shudder::  i was so dumb as a freshman in college.
2 cats, Punk (male) and Roxy (female), one rat, Squeak (female).

Hobbies: singing, dancing, READING, writing, listening to good music, sleeping, being generally scary and psychotic, and freaking people out in walmart, and oh yes, drinking blood
i was a teenage goth!!!  but no seriously, i was in the habit of biting people until they bled. 
i will admit to a fascination for blood.
i do read a lot; i write a lot.  i am actually singing under my breath, right now.  i probably don't annoy people in walmart anymore.  usually.

Collect: oh god, don't go there
i collect:  books, mostly.  i will admit to hoarding rocks, herbs, shoes, random stuffed animals, nail polish, and the occasional barbie.  (shut. up.)  i asked Matt, and he said, "Souls."
so yeah.

Type Of Car You Drive: piece of shit 92 buick
half-way okay Ford Explorer, 2000 i think.  or 99. 

Word Or Phrases You Overuse: .......you got me...... 
and, really, yeah, totally, fuck.

Favorite Shampoo Or Conditioner: bed head
well, i'm using several varieties of random organic conditioners.
as for shampooing, i'm using a baking soda mix, and a diluted vinegar rinse.

Have You Ever Been Skinny Dipping: oh yeah.....a lot...... 
well that hasn't changed.  but i swim naked a shitload more, now.
Do You Make Fun Of People:  often ....and loudly.....  
heheh.  okay, maybe i wasn't that horrible as a teenager.
Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Crime: not yet....but waaay too close for comfort 
the sheer fact that i haven't been arrested for drugs, or being intoxicated in public, or being naked in public... well.  miraculous.

Do You Drink:......uh. college student. 
my boyfriend brews beer.  do i drink???  lmfao.  please pass the whisky.

Favorite Drink: dr.pepper, hot tea, sweet tea
whisky.  or beer.  or a mint julep. 

What Is Your Favorite Milk: whole....leave the fat grams in my shit!
skim milk is the most disgusting thing that i've ever had.  2% is acceptable.  i still buy whole milk.  mmm.

Who Are Your Crushes (They Can Be Famous Or Not): liv tyler, steven tyler , orlando bloom, most of the lead in LOTR...etc
ohmyfuck.  no.  nononono.  i'll admit to liv tyler.  and angelina jolie.  yeah, i don't really have a lot of crushes.  i either go after who i want, or i don't.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Husband/Wife: one blonde boyfriend
one red-headed boyfriend, and a few lady prospects, woo! 

Tattoos And Piercings: three holes in each ear, belly, tattoo on each wrist, one on small of back....more to come.....
 four holes in each ear, one belly, one nose piercing.  i used to have a hood piercing.  removed it because it was interfering with my sex life, not helping.  may try that again sometime.  
2 tattoos on each wrist, one on left forearm, one on right bicep, one on right ring finger, one on the small of my back, huuuge wings.  on my back.

Favorite Town To Chill In: new orleans is my oyster
new orleans has gotten old.  i miss living in portland!
but i think we're moving to austin next, soo...

What Is Your Bedtime: when the sun comes up
still that. 

Favorite Perfume/ Cologne : Ralph lauren romance, and so pink by gap...ya i know....ha ha
L'Occitane has many single-note floral perfumes.  i wear those.  also, Hove in new orleans has some really great scents:  notably, their tea olive scent.  

A Non-Sport Game That You Excel In: mortal kombat, motherfucker.
i can't play a damn thing that isn't on the Wii.  i kinda suck at Wii, too, but i don't mind as much.  i do occasionally suck ass at Guitar Hero, when others are playing it and they ask me to play.
considering who that advice was about... yeah, it was terribly, horribly accurate.
"Kids, Do Not Fuck That Shit.  That Shit is GROSS."  - Bob Saget

Coolest Experience: ah.........can't think of one currently
that would probably have to be smoking pot under the Merry Pranksters' (& Ken Kesey's) bus Further, with a long-time hippie lights guy who used to do lights for a LOT of the old famous bands.  while wearing a backstage pass around my neck, because i was helping with the festival.  then, Zane Kesey caught us smoking under there, and just kinda shook his head, and walked away.  
so far, that is.  i'm sure i'll beat that, sooner or later.

Funniest Experience: the reason angela won't let me drive her car anymore
have you ever been on acid?  people are fucking hilarious on acid.  also, everything's hilarious to you, when you're on acid.

Scariest Experience: running from the cops
funny enough, i don't actually remember this one.  chances are i was stoned out of my mind.

Most Romantic Thing That Ever Happened To You: rose petals, cathedral...blanket....sex.....etc etc...
oh, gag me, teenage self!  
actually that wasn't romantic at all, since it involved sneaking blankets and ourselves under a fence, and fucking on the balcony floor of a cathedral which was under construction, therefore covered in debris.  and did you know that rose petals stick to your ass, when you fuck on them?
you know what, i actually fucking hate "romantic" gestures, for the most part.
although i have to say, the sweetest, most inexplicable thing anyone's ever done is bring me an armful of rosebuds - 217 of them, for no reason whatsoever.  i was bored, so i counted.

Favorite Thing To Do In The Summer:  skinny dipping at night, and hide from the sun
still pretty accurate.  i do like to go sunbathe occasionally. 

Favorite Type Of Music: everything but country, glory rock....etc.
i do like most types of music, but i'm damn sick of jazz!  i like good country, but nothing they'd play on CMT.  and i'm sick to death of most metal.  i do really love a few metal bands, though.

Groups/Singers You Enjoy: enigma....type o negative, the darkness.....heheh.   aerosmith, john mayor, marilyn manson, no doubt, smashing pumpkins, lots of people
whoo, this one's really changed.
bright eyes, ani difranco, modest mouse, death cab for cutie, the weepies, florence & the machine, and that is barely scratching the surface.

Favorite Animal(s): cats (and who didn't see that one coming?....)
true, but i also really love horses.

Favorite TV Show: buffy buffy buffy the vampire slayer, people!!!
also add Mad Men, True Blood, Weeds, and Dexter.

Favorite TV Game Show:  they all suck
this is very true.

Favorite Thing To Wear: black, scary things....or anything cuddly and fuzzy with jeans...or anything i steal from ronny....because it pisses him off
pajamas.  definitely pajamas. 

Favorite Magazine: JANE, vintage playboys, vogue, anything else i can butcher with scissors that doesn't have preteens in it
bust, bitch, vanity fair, new yorker, juxtapoz, hi-fructose, and i will admit to liking vogue in spite of myself.   

Favorite Fruit: cherries, and strawberries
also, raspberries, and blackberries.  
If You Could Dye Your Hair One Color What Would It Be: green
i've done green.  and black, and red, and burgundy, and orange, and purple, and pink, and blue...

If You Could Have A Tattoo Where And What Would It Be: what i already have, some wings on my back, some woad swirls on my hands and forearms......we're working on it..........
hmm, i think i might ix-nay the woad swirls, but it would look pretty cool.  so we'll see.  obviously, i have the wings.  and i have several other tattoo ideas in mind.

If You Could Turn Into Only One Animal Real Or Imaginary What Would You Be: black panther.....mmm, sexy
a housecat would be good.  cats have it easy, to be sure.  both of mine are lounging and napping right now.

Favorite Mentos Commercial: cuntos!!! the fresh fucker....hehehe
reeeally bad inside joke...
Is The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full: oh who cares already? 
 if it's beer, it's half-empty.  if it's whisky, half-full...

 What Is Under Your Bed: binders, drawers with underwear and towels, cameras, knives, lighters, razorblades, etc etc....and dust 
 heheheh  that was all?  drawings, posters, paintings, several suitcases, a car seat, fake hair (for when i want to braid mine up), boxes of who-knows-what, a bag for things drum set related, and whatever else Matt's shoved in there by now.  plenty.  i'm sure i've forgotten a few things.

If You Were To Kill Someone, What Method Would You Choose: cyanide, or a really sharp blade, or tearing to bits with my teeth......
poison is good.  knives are fine.  sniper rifles are better.  depending on the hatred level, a titanium spork could be used, with much pleasure.
If You Could Be Anything In A Kitchen, What Would You Be: uh huh.  really fucking good champagne???? or maybe some reallllly good whisky

What You Notice About The Opposite Sex First:  PENIS!!!!!!!.....lol, no i'm kidding...i don't know!  it's a package deal.
oh haha, i was so punny.  i look at faces first, i think.  for the opposite, and the same sex.
Are You A Virgin:........obviously, no

Something You Hate: mornings, going to class, stupid people, cigarette smoke in clouds when i come out the dorm.....hot weather
well that about covers it!
 i'm torn between wanting to laugh, wanting to cry, and thinking that i really haven't changed all that much.
unfortunately, for the rest of the world.

so yeah, sorry for making y'all read a damn quiz.  although, i am thinking about taking the purity test again...


yeah, i took the purity test again.  the 1,000 question whopper.
it took a while.

anyhow, i'm 38.4% pure.  ha.  as opposed to, 40-something% the last time.
i claim the test is partly unfair, as i blatantly can't have sex with a blow-up doll, and other various things.  come on, like 10 questions about having sex on a boat?  psshh.
so if you're bored...

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Lilscorpiosweetie said...

As I read your blog I thought.. hmm maybe I should take this quiz but it dawns on me that I don't have a younger self to compare to.

I figure in another ten years you should try this again and see if the answers match up to your younger selves.

As for a purity test.. hmm I took one but can't remember what my percent was and I think the last time I had taken it I was 16. So if I ever find it I will try to post it.