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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

THE CORPORATE JOB starts tomorrow....


high heels
office-appropriate cardigan
espresso maker PRIMED AND READY
intestinal fortitude....
and [ ] <-- that much excitement.

i plan on going to bed tonight by midnight, duly dosed on xanax and other smokables. see, my general plan is to stay up until the sun starts coming up, THEN go to bed. patently, this will not work if i'm trying to drag my ass up at 7:30 am. so.
this is when i duly praise my prescription for, and the wonderful sleepy properties of, xanax.

hail the almighty xanax!

so. since i don't own a brain before noon, i fully plan to lay out EVERY SINGLE THING i might possibly need for tomorrow tonight, since i'll no doubt be running out of the house like a bat outta hell come tomorrow morning.

this whole laying out the outfit the night before thing makes me feel variously like a small child, or completely OCD. especially when i've got my espresso beans already in the grinder, and my undies laid out, as if i am so brain dead i could possibly make an underwear mistake.

problem is, i AM that brain dead in the morning. i don't really do the breakfast thing, as my stomach's still asleep as well. it's all i can do to sleep-walk out of the door, having drunk FAR TOO MUCH CAFFEINE and wearing clothing.
looking awake at work is seriously hard.

so, to in no way conclude this post in a normal manner, these are some pictures of friday night, first night of PIRATE WEEK!

also: i managed to catch one of the members of the Revolving Cat Parade on my Porch!!! one of the six or so...

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