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Welcome to hell. Please take a number. Her Evilness will be with you when she damn well feels like it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MNDC spawns this, among other things.

y'all probably know that my friends and i have Monday Night Drinking Club (MNDC). 

well, i've really wanted to record us in action, but unfortunately i had no batteries for my digital recorder, sooo...  i took to the Twitter.

my friends are fucking strange.  also, awesome.
i swear, i'm going to get out and buy batteries for that digital recorder.  SOON.

...one of the rats has a history of peeing on one of my friends.  never fails to be funny, because he always looks so affronted when it happens...

that's right.  alright everyone, get your hookahs:  lock.  RELOAD!  FIRE!

and the Fantasy person was NOT, in fact, a stripper.  which is why that name is even funnier.

yep.  my chandelier's balls were mouth fondled on monday.

i love my friends.  SO. HARD.

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