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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

can't... breathe...

i'm sorry i'm being so spectacularly boring and reblogging/youtubing it lately, for i am The Lazy.

but this is wayaaaayyyy too funny not to be shared.

"THIS GUY doesn’t know how to drive on backroads at-fucking-all. SIXTY-FIVE CROTCHMUNCH.
You know what? If I kept a crate of dildos next to me in the car, it would really send the, “you’re a dick,” message home. I mean, it’s got a natural handle and stick in it and some good heft–I bet if I wanged it hard enough at a car, I would bust up some of that tempered glass. Nothing would say, “FUCK YOU,” like a pink glitter dildo getting whizzed at your windshield. I mean, what would you even say when that happens?
“Hold on Hank, there’s a giant wang stuck under my wipers!”  "

go here.  you will not be disappointed by the humor.  at least if i'm not making you laugh today, someone damn well better, eh???

"I bet if I wanged it hard enough at a car..."



PorkStar said...

Yup, read it and laughed my ass off, shit was funny lol

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

Oh damn thats funny!

Noa Gavin said...

You're fucking awesome. Thank you.

Satan said...

why thank you Noa, for letting me hijack a piece of your blog. feel free to do the same. : ]