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Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day drunks

ladies & gents, don't invite this one to your wedding:

this lady had to try asking me about the photobooth THREE TIMES, before she got out a coherent English sentence.  and no, she is not speaking it as a second language.

slur, slur:  "have you seen mah shooooes?  where are mah shooooeeess!!!"
she has them in her hands.


yeah.  this is the type of crazy and stupid i deal with, every weekend, when i do wedding gigs. 

mommas, don't let your children grow up to be alcoholics. 

cowboys don't hold a candle to this shit.

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Teresa Beechwood said...

I work at a vets office right now, so here is some of what i learned...
Your kitty will be MUCH happier without the teeth. We pulled all the teeth out of an older cat in similar condition (completely rotten mouth but no thyroid problems) and she really bounced back. its very easy for them to eat canned food or softened dry food without teeth.
Ant the thyroid meds are usually very affordable and really make a huge difference in overall body condition. Not just weight gain but coat condition, energy level, healthier skin and more... Its amazing what it can do.
As for pilling a cat.... Ask the vet for a pill popper. Put the pill in the popper with something yummy (some wet food, butter, cheese, laxare, tuna... whatever the cat likes) but just a little bit enough to make it taste good. then scruff the cat, tilt its head back to open the mouth. stick the popper to the back of the mouth and pop the pills in. then hold the cats mouth closed until she swallows to make sure she doesn't spit them out