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Friday, June 24, 2011

"don't feed the trolls." but shooting at one with a blow dart is hella fun.

ooooohh, more stuff to make fun of!!!  i sincerely enjoy this too much.  i will eat your face!!! 


my comments in bold, of course.

"Obviously you don't have kids as your EWW factor for poo is still quite comically high. 
Well!  as a matter of fact, i don't.  nor do i want the little buggers.  let other more competent, less crazy people run that show.  
The shit, literally, wipes off. It is no big deal, just a little smell. 
apparently SOME people don't mind being covered in shit.  ya know, there's a fetish for that...  
(that link is not porn.  don't be afraid.)
Also, this story is quite common, so common in fact that it is no big deal. 
of course it happens all the time.  and it's fucking hilarious!!!  (when it's not your toilet.)  ah, the things i do for a laugh.  you did see the "humor" description on this blog?  no?
You are not special, your bathroom is not special, you are just a run of the mill attention seeking blogger writing about a common occurrence like it is something shiny and new. 
OMG you're totally right!  my bath tub isn't even marble or anything!  *sobsobsob*  i'll never be a writer! [slits wrists in not-marble bath tub]
i'm special-er than you, nah nah nyah nyah nah!  my daddy tells me i'm a fucking unique snowflake or some shit.
i'm pretty sure every single blogger in the world is blogging so because they enjoy writing about crap, and having other people read it.  soooo technically, every blogger is seeking attention.  everybody likes an audience.  : ]
Small chance you are going to post this, but just maybe you'll read it and realize your stink shits just like the rest of us. Come join the party. "  - Sean P
oh HELLS YEAH i'm gonna post it.  you gave me a good giggle.  fuck, i love making fun of people!  can we do this again sometime? 

"shit stinks," indeed.  we've got a genius here, minions!

UPDATE:  the Matt just informed me that it actually reads "stink shits," not shit stinks.  EVEN BETTER!

maybe next time he can focus his energy on telling me my hair sucks.  at least that has room for creative interpretation!!!

"i'mma gangsta.  gonna shoot you with my gofuckyourself gun." 

for my fourth of july present, can i please, please, get a batshit crazy email?? they're so much funnier when they ramble. 

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