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Thursday, June 9, 2011

this post brought to you by booze.

for a while now i've been puzzling over a few billboards put up around this here city, new orleans.

one of them reads, "GOT DRUGS?!" and has a picture of all sorts of pills spilling out of a bottle.

my first reaction, of course, was something to the effect of "well yes actually, i DO have drugs, but you can't have them!"  naturally i was drunk when i first saw this billboard, so i didn't know if it *really* said "Got Drugs?" or if i was misreading it completely.  turns out yes, that is exactly what it said. 

i eventually figured out that what it was really advertising was the chance to "recycle" old prescriptions, for what purposes i have no earthly idea.  i'm imagining some industrious pill-head just decided to try to get people to give them shit, or buying their drugs wholesale or some shit.  i mean, it would be a great idea if i were popping lots of pills, but i only do that occasionally if you were into that pill-popping nonsense.

on to the next billboard:  this confused the everloving motherfuck out of us for weeks.  it was just these words, nothing else, on a blue billboard:  "YOUR WIFE IS HOT."


and it stayed that way, for weeks.  we tried to figure out what the hell it was for.  my best guess was it was someone who really wanted to annoy his friend, or someone who lost a stupid bet, or... something.  someone was really drunk, with too much money?

well, we finally got our answer today, on that particular billboard.  finally, in addition to the original "Your Wife is Hot" slogan, they finally added "better get your A/C fixed!" with the name of the company.

touche, A/C service people.  now THAT's an ad that will get your attention, yo.

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