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Sunday, May 1, 2011

it's waaayyy too early in the morning to be dealing with this shit.

so, this just happened:  (read bottom to top, yadda yadda)

i'm not even exaggerating or making this up.

the really shitty part is that this is the Professional Laptop, the one on which the photobooth things happen, and it crashed at a really, really bad time.  like "whoops, there goes my job, maybe" kind of epic bad timing.


do yourself a favor:  don't ever, ever let me near your beloved electronics again.  hell, i'm afraid to touch my damn computer.  please don't crash, mr. mac.


Andygirl said...

oooh sucky. I'm sure it's not you.

Satan said...

i only wish you were right!

unfortunately, this is definitely not the first time this has happened. at all. even the unflappable Macs tend to go on the fritz with me eventually, if i own them for long enough. boo.

and not just computers... watches, clocks, cell phones...
i don't know if there is anything to that theory about someone's electro magnetic field messing with such equipment (probably not...), but if it's true, i've definitely got it.


alonewithcats said...

I think you could put this skill to use. I, for one, have been really wanting to get a new computer, but my current Powerbook just won't seem to die. Maybe you can help?