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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

all of my loyal and wonderful minions...

i need your help!
no, it doesn't require money. (unless you see something you like...)

what i need from y'all, is feedback on my new Etsy store!!

i've been putting up new things, when i wasn't busy making new things.
it's been a productive few days for me - who knew? hmm.

i made a bunch of jewelry today. i'm wondering whether i should put it on Etsy.
now i know it's purty, but my problem is that the intended recipient of the jewelry was ME... yeah, i'm torn. but i have pretty pictures for you to see!

i made my mom a necklace for Solstice/Yule.

the pendent is an actual leaf, that was dipped in silver.

it's made of freshwater pearls. oh how i love pearls, of all varieties. and colors. they probably haven't made a pearl i won't love.

of course, when i went shopping for the necessary ingredients to make this, i found plenty of crap that i wanted, of course.
so i made myself a few necklaces as well... i also started rooting around in my bead/gem/mineral supply to see what i had. i finished a few pieces that had been waiting for it for quite a while...

these three are all freshwater pearls.

this one is garnet, and freshwater pearls.

this one has freshwater pearls (various colors), and amber.

pretty colors, oooohhh shiny!!!

in case you can't tell, i am a jewelry junkie. ironically, most of the time i wear three rings, and whatever is in my piercings, and nothing else. it's mostly that it's impractical to wear anything to work because it'll get beaten up or lost, and most of my stuff now is actually nice. which i like! but i'm not taking vintage or expensive pieces to work, and i refuse to wear stupid-looking costume stripperjewelry. gag.

anyhow, let me know what you think about the Etsy.

and my burning question: should i put any of this jewelry up on Etsy, or keep all the lovelies for myself??? after all, i can always buy more supplies, with intent to make jewelry for other people!!!


Andygirl said...

I love the lead and tree necklaces! I love trees.

when I make stuff for my Etsy, I'm almost always making a little something for me too. :)

and sometimes an item expires so I won't relist it. I'll just keep it.

Satan said...

heh, i might just do that! wait til you guys see the vintage Art Deco stuff i am going to put up as soon as i get it polished and shiny...
if that doesn't sell, i AM keeping it!