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Friday, December 17, 2010

letters, letters, who wants letters?

for my last post i failed to, but meant to tell everyone that if y'all send an address
(via my email, over there -->)
then i will write the letters to you, too! yes, i really mean it. my only criteria is that you write back! and also not be a creepo stalker type and do it just to get my precious return address and then be all creepy round my house and shit...

but yeah. letters. i send them.

in other humorous news, i have had exactly one (1) email to my satan account so far....
it was spam. go figure.
aand, i'm changing the way my address appears on this blog, to be a little less spam-attracting.

also, notice, i have put up a link to my twitters...
which i use sometimes, and am occasionally funny on. woohoo.

boring maintenance out of the way, how are y'all doing?
i have an eggnog daiquiri, so in other words, i'm fanfuckingtastic!

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