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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i hate pets.

sometimes, i am almost positive that the Fuzzbutt comes inside for the sole purpose of shitting in the litterbox, and then immediately begs to be let outside again. WTF, cat? there is actual dirt outside, go shit in it!

in other news, there is a third cat, LBC. LBC can stand for "little black cat," or "little Basement Cat," and there's also a 90% chance she was named after a Snoop Dogg song, because she starts some drama, yo.

also, i am wondering how well regular eggnog freezes, because i'd really like to make some eggnog daiquiris of my own...

any helpful suggestions are welcome. especially about the constant cat in-and-out bit. i would love a pet door, but somehow i don't think my landlord would go for it. she's nice enough to not have a pet deposit.


Anonymous said...

I'm not giving you any cat tips, but I can tell you that the large eggnog daquiris are the same price as the small eggnog daquiris on Wednesdays.

Hope that helps. :)

Satan said...

yesh, i know! and i really want one right now, i'm craving! unfortunately matt's out of town, along with the car... dangit!

welcome to the reeeedership!