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Sunday, December 19, 2010

i am your book dork

to help clarify things, i might now mention that i have a B.A. in Creative Writing. it was nearly an English Literature degree, but my dept head at the first college i went to kindly told me that it wasn't in my best interest, as i was Subverting Literary Theory in my papers, which, huh, isn't looked upon kindly by most* professors.
which is actually why i ended up transferring schools, and living in oregon, but that is entirely another story.

*the dept. head wasn't one of them.


so, i may or may not give you guys an ongoing list of Shit I Am Reading/Authors I Love. i would like to start doing this, but face it, i'm scattered and lazy, so it may or may not happen, but here's the first:

Neil Gaiman. he is the shit. start with anything he's ever written, and go forth. most people have at least heard of coraline (the movie), which is an adaption of the book.

for a random story of his (which i haven't read yet, but will approximately right NOW, click here.

i have him on the mind, because i've been over on his blog today, and i found this:

go on, click, it is Awesome.
(you probably will want to read those directions, for the fun of it if nothing else)

what did you get? i got this:

"I'm sure such a thing must have happened to you before."

yes, Neil. i'm sure it has happened before. heheheheh.


Andygirl said...

dude. every day we have more in common.

and if you'd had my professors, they would have challenged you to subvert lit theory. :)

VerdeAlive said...

I got:
Michael Chrichton is dead.