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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Penguinmas, Everybody!!!

gratuitous penguin picture:

because everyone loves a penguin. EVERYONE.

today's contradictory message brought by my mom's stocking offerings:

we've been coloring today. yesterday as part of the gags, my dad gave Matt a coloring book, and that reminded me: i have a fucking fantastic coloring book that i've never used...
it's not your average coloring book, it's a book of art by Charley Harper that has been turned black and white, coloring book style. so, i'm enthused.

i originally was trying to make this bird red, but i grabbed maroon instead, and he ended up rather pink.
"i wasn't trying to make him pink," i said.
"maybe he eats lots of shrimp," matt offered.
"yeah, or maybe he's a gay bird."

it's okay, birdie, we love you whether you are a lover of the gay boys, or just a shrimp hog.
(i added the little heart, of course.)

i think he's gay though, just because i can't pass up this opportunity to hit y'all with bad humor:
(from preying mantis's point of view)
"i kissed a bird, and i liked it!
hope my insects don't mind it...."

(let me state at this point that i violently loathe katy perry and all of her songs.... but.
i thought of that at maybe 5am last night and it gave me a giggle, so...heh.)

i also colored some really adorable koalas. i am having too much fun with this. i don't think i'm ever going to bother growing up, it seems boring.

matt contributed this one:

of course i hung it on the fridge.

the cats are jealously having a Box War 2010.

i tried putting another box out, but NOOOOO, they all want the same fucking box.
cats. they be crazy, yo.

i also got myself a new plant. (several days ago, AS IF i'd go out and compete with psychotic xmas shoppers... shudder.)

now, i'm going to go eat peanut m&ms for lunch.

it's too bad they don't run mail today, i have a ton of stuff coming to me in the mail.
i am your book junkie.


Andygirl said...

I love Charley Harper! I so want that coloring book.

also: my cats do that. boxes are such a fascination. yeash.

also also: I love succulents!

Satan said...

i wish i could mail you a succulent!
: ]

in other news, the booooks are starting to arrive! it's better than penguinmas even, because they're always a great mail surprise!!!

Nora said...

i love coloring, and coloring books, im trying to find some neat ones for charlotte to have so if you see any link um my way :D