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Welcome to hell. Please take a number. Her Evilness will be with you when she damn well feels like it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

by the way...

have i told y'all i have a Tumblr?

i started it for a venting/more about stripping thing. see, stripping is my job, not my life.
and i did NOT want this blog to end up being all about stripping and nothing else.
i'm pretty anonynous over on the tumblr.
i don't show my face, and i go by Gypsy, my stage name.

here, i show my real life. i show my real name (it's Mel, by the way) and i show photos of me in all states - dolled up for dancing, no makeup and ornery, pissy, full of joy - i like being completely open and honest here.

i'm reserving the tumblr for being a bit hidden in the shadows.

there may be a bit of cross-posting here and there, but for the most part, they are separate animals.

i don't want the tumblr readers over at this blog necessarily (unless i have invited them), but i welcome y'all to go check out my tumblr. if you like it, enjoy!

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