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Monday, December 6, 2010

the last 24 hours were interesting, to be sure.

so, i was on the facespace at about 10pm saturday night... and one of my friends had the following posted as their status:
" Would anyone like to trip with me tonight? Call or message me. I have the house to myself..."

naturally, because i'm ME, i called. i knew it was pretty late to embark on something that wouldn't let me sleep for at least 12 hours (and true to form, i didn't go to bed until 1pm sunday) but hell... how many times do you get to take up offers like that? especially off facespace?

some background: S. is a friend of mine who does body work - what he does is totally unique, and is a blend of massage, yoga, chiropractic work, and energy work. kinda. it combines elements of all these things, but is not quite any of these things. he will tie you into a pretzel knot on the floor, but when you're done your whole body will tingle. he's not "professionally" trained, but he is awesome.

all of this sorta-but-not-quite explains how i ended up with his head between my thighs as we were trying to adjust his neck.

see, while we were waiting to start tripping, we were chatting and of course i was popping my neck loudly and grossly, as always. (i have a history of bad neck stuff...remind me to tell you why, it's a really funny story.) so he pulled me over and began twisting me into shapes.

the way S. works is that he will use any and every body part to bend and twist you to release tension. it's very interactive. so in exchange for me learning some stuff and helping him with some back/neck/shoulder tension, he did some work on me. which is fantastic.

i was massaging his neck/shoulders by having him lie on his back, and cradling his head in my hands. try this at home, kids, it's lots of fun: you get your massagee to lie down, and you sit at their head. you can just do all this with your hands but if they had bad shoulder tension, you can also massage their shoulders with your feet while you're working on their neck. i was doing this to S. until he mentioned that he thought he needed more tension on his neck. "HOW?!" i said. he looked speculatively at my legs.

which is now i found myself lying down with my thighs around S.'s neck, while squeezing hard enough for it to feel like a workout, dangling my head off his futon, and laughing hysterically. the only thing that would have made it all look any funnier is if he had been face down between my legs, instead of looking towards the ceiling. i was just waiting for his roommates to walk by the door and quadruple-take. but hell, i guess if they live with him they ought to be used to that sort of thing by now.

it was right about then when we realized we were starting to peak.

that night S. showed me maybe THE most fun toy on the planet. it's so simple. you need
1) a black light
2) beads, of this variety:

3) some of those beads must be black light reactive. but not all of them. well, i guess you could have all of them be reactive, but i don't think it would be as much fun.

anyway, just take a bunch of beads, and throw them on the floor, turn on a black light, turn off the regular lights. it was described to me by S. as "everything Brite Light wanted to be, but couldn't manage" and he was so right.

turns out when you have black light reactive beads scattered among regular beads, if you simply shuffle them around with your hands, you get ever-changing black light patterns. i'm sure you could also create designs with the black light beads and make pretty pictures, but i just had fun messing with them on the rug.

the most fun toys are usually the simplest. definitely in this case.

further quotes from the night: "well of course hardship is hard. but a hardship will get you where you want to go. think about it, if it were a soft ship, you're sure as shit gonna sink!"

ah S., you totally rocked my saturday night. let's do that again sometime shall we? how's next week looking for you???

; ]


Sara said...

LOL I love that someone is offering drugs via facebook. Oh, internet!

Satan said...

oh, internet, indeed!

never bad when that happens...

; ]

M said...

Lite Brite! You took me back...