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Sunday, April 10, 2011

i have funny shit i'm not sharing with you yet. because i am That Asshole.

it's "sitting in your underwear" hot in my house.
and it fucking sucks.

i refuse to turn on my air conditioning, though:  for fuck's sake, it's april!  i need a few months of power bills that aren't above $100.

good things from tonight's wedding gig:  bottle of wine.  awesomely hilarious wedding guests.  even more awesomely hilarious pictures from said guests, which i will post probably tomorrow.  because they gave me permission to post them, on my blog, in exchange for the URL.  (muahahaha!!)  naturally i said "Done!"
great time, overall.   no one almost knocked over the photobooth (this happens more than you would think), no one was irritatingly sloshed, no one spilled any drinks in/around, and life was peachyish.

bad things from tonight's wedding gig:  it's French Quarter Fest here in NOLA, which mean, for the uninitiated, that driving through/parking in/trying to schlep a photobooth into a venue is BLOODY FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE.  why someone would schedule a wedding during this fest is completely beyond me.  the logistics are ridiculous.  perhaps they didn't know. 

at any rate, after circling around the quarter and finding literally zero parking spots (like, i saw not one damn open spot AT ALL, at any time, what the fuck!), i said fuck it.  so i took the car home, and i had to walk from my house to the gig.  which isn't a problem in sneakers.  but when i'm in dress sandals and carrying thirty pounds of shit to the gig...
well, let's just say the blisters on my feet would like to tell everyone on the planet to fuck off.

also, leaving this gig was a hot mess.  because i had my car at home, i would have had to walk home (30 min, 45 while limping with blisters), and get my car, then return to pick up the booth.  normally not the end of the world. 

problem?  event coordinator was gone from the face of the fucking planet, and event staff was telling me they were closing up shop and i needed to get gone.  FFFFUUUU.
luckily i have the best friends on the planet, so i caught a ride back to my house, with said booth.
stress city, lemme tell ya.

but it's alright, i have a bottle of wine, and a corkscrew.  and no intentions of finding a glass.

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Alybrarian said...

Have you tried the level billing option from Entergy? It keeps our energy bill about the same every month.