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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

punk is such a weirdo.

that's right, my cat sings.  what can your cat do???
i'm pretty sure my cat is more awesome than your cat.  unless your cat can play fetch.  none of mine will do that shit.

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shellbell75 said...

HAHA i havent ever seen another cat DO that. My cats about half crazy, and wont come when ANYONE calls her (unless you have catnip in hand) but my husband can whistle and shell run at us in a dead run and start meowing along with his whistle.

We had her front claws declawed because she was tearing up everything in the house and her love of middle of the night FOOT HUGS from under the bed was going to get someone hurt. So now when its time for bed my husband whistles she jumps up there and talks to us for a bit,
then gives like hour long massages making a {bed} all over both of us, till she gets tired and jumps down to go sleep with the 9 year old.