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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Paypal Just Ate Every Bit Of My House."

evidently this program thinks i'm not speaking English as a first language, AND i'm batshit insane:

"Sometimes i would send you out now, to follow me in related news, so i have bongs, pipes, bubblers."

"It's fucking pizza! Proteus marching! Lundi gras ho!!!"

"I ever saw was erotica fanfiction to be your feathers riled up?"

"The misspellings in april is never using paypal just ate every bit of my house."

"Tweet about the dragon-on-person furry porn and that one."

"Because right now, i've been clawed by evil trolls! seriously raised eyebrows. when he sleeps. damn."

"This what is no longer holds its thrall... what about weird-ass porn that a gym membership."

"2 nights where do this? am not to kick a half-full damn bottle of Glee is it actually achieved today!!!"

 "You'd think they don't like i epically squashed a baby. you need to hear that, though. i was mine. BUT."

"Hells yes, i think i were getting Drunk - it's so well with any excuse to find a table & twitter."

"What to give me something productive to furry porn and pie. thing in other words, i'm usually using?"

"Scotch o'clock was in months. depends."

"Tonight at festivals. they are completely different colors when did panty lines go stalk your family's."

"If one of herbs. stack of the return of recently-closeted gay men fabulousness."

Paypal just ate every bit of my house.
i don't even know what to add to all this.
and these are only a handful of them.  

"Paypal Just Ate Every Bit Of My House."


Brandy Wilcoxen said...

Mine says its still loading...hmm...oh well. At least there was some entertainment from your part :)

The Empress said...

Wow! That is some crazy shizz. When I tried it out I too got some gibberish about houses and people from beyond. Maybe it's 'satans' fault ; )

angry mandy said...


you have just provided me with hours of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be desired... Blerg! People tend to be desired... Blerg!

...always, Mirror

Satan said...

nice. you got that for your twitter, mirror? or are you just making fun of me?
; ]