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Monday, April 18, 2011

questions, questions

cool, someone took me at my word on the "weird questions" front - 
"Have you ever worked a wedding were you also worked the bachelor party?"

not to my knowledge, but WOW wouldn't that be awkward for the guys there!  me, i'd just be on my phone:  "uh, hey, twitter?  never guess what just happened."

i can just imagine the bugged-out look on their faces when they spotted me.  

although, it's a weird truism that people who've met me when i'm a stripper never tend to notice me when i'm out and about in public, because i think they're staring too hard at my tits in the club.  
either that or the glasses and the  normal clothing throws them off, despite my very recognizable tattoos.  

in fact, i just saw a guy the other day that i've known from the strip club - it took me a while to recognize him, but i didn't say anything, and i still don't know whether he recognized me or not.  guess we'll find out if he ever comes back in the club...

(P.S., the color is fucked up, because i fucked it up, basically.  but only for this post.  so you get red, which, believe me, was better than the first try, which was entirely unreadable.)

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