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Monday, April 19, 2010

just so we're clear, here

...what i mean by "i'm not keen on monogamy" is that the Matt and i are in an open relationship (or, i practice polyamory, depending on how you like to word things), NOT that i'm into cheating on people.

i'm not into cheating on people. in fact, one of my really sweet exes called me last night and we were talking about how awesome we are, for never having cheated on anyone, EVER. (which, in my case, if i'm in a monogamous relationship is REALLY HARD, which is why i no longer do monogamy. no use promising something you already know you're really shitty at.)

and yes, i am incredibly happy and grateful to have found someone who accepts me, weird sides and all. especially when i'm chattering to him about how hot some woman is.

oh, never mind, he enjoys that part. ; ]

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Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Polyamory is always a good thing. And its also nice to find someone that accepts you for you.. weirdness and all. I have and it is such a great feeling!