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Saturday, December 4, 2010

well, that went well...

reeemember how i said i was going to wear my brand-new awesome pendent/earring for good luck to work yesterday?
yep, it totally worked.
i spent the whole day just hanging out with some guys who bought table dances. i didn't come home with gold-teeth money, but i didn't work hard at all, so it was a good trade.

so i have a question/poll here, how many people read this thing?
do you read regularly or did you just stop by once or twice? do you mind dropping a note to tell me you're here? i like to know who i'm blathering on to. : ]

at this point i know i have three or four solid readers, who else is out there?


just fucked around with the blog. how does everyone like the bus photo on the sides? too much? let me know.


MFA Mama said...

Hey pretty! I found you through Bite The Bedbugs and you can add me to the "solid readers" list :)

Sara said...

I read every post. I try to comment on all of them, but sometimes I'm running behind on everything and end up forgetting. Congrats on the good luck! :)

Satan said...

well i was already counting you, sara!

i'm not so much trying to up my comments (well, maybe get a couple follows ; ]) as just to see who all is here!

Angela said...

Well, darling, you know that I couldn't resist reading your work. ;) I know, I know. I should comment--especially since I check up regularly. I should also just start my own blog, but we both know I'm too scatterbrained at the mo. (You try teaching teenagers....) I've always loved your writing; I've been an avid follower since middle school. Why stop now? ^^ Much love! <3

Anonymous said...

I read, sometimes often, sometimes once a month, usually dependent on how much time I've managed to waste at my jobs.

My pass phrase to post this comment is "nomen"

I like the bus on the sides, esp for the Sid story.

Satan said...

yay, that is one vote for bus! sounds good to me.

story said...

i'm here. my word is squaddes.

Satan said...

squaddes??? huh?

Anonymous said...

I usually stop by here every couple weeks!