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Thursday, March 3, 2011

don't know how many of y'all like techno...

but i do.
i like it lots. 

not all techno, now.  the good shit.  the kind that can make you close your eyes and move like you're crazy, dancing in circles and making silly movements with your hands.
or, the type you dance to on a stage, slamming around the pole and MAKING everyone watch, because you are that dynamic. (insert gratuitous Prodigy here.  and NO, not "smack my bitch up," i've danced to that 4,136 times and i'd much rather dance to "spitfire." thankyouverymuch.)

to me, this is one of those songs.  i would gleefully dance to this all day long, at the club.
but unless i really turn on the charm for one of the djs/managers, it probably won't happen, so:

here, i share it with you.
imagine me sitting here, half-dancing, half-typing, nodding along, with this song on repeat.
literally repeat.  for at least 12 or so reiterations.  yeah.
that's how hard i'm rocking this song.

techno may not be your thing, and that's cool.  but this isn't just techno.  it's dubstep.
and that, my minions, is just a bit different.
click.  enjoy.

hopefully you'll like it.  it's a brilliantly put together piece.

(and, like any music genre that makes you want to dance, i suggest you listen to this loudly.  at least, as loud as the neighbors will let you.)

(for another wonderful example of my fav dubstep, simply click HERE.)


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Andygirl said...

I kind of grew out of techno and now prefer more mellow music. but I used to be a big raver. you know, back when raves were still cool. and I know that feeling well! it's intoxicating.