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Saturday, March 26, 2011

UPDATE: i think i know now why my cat went so nuts

remember this?
today we happened to run across my landlady, and it seems that she's been keeping LBC in her house for the past two days.  the reason for this, evidently, is because she thought no one was taking care of her, since our down-the-street neighbor had moved out. 

first things first, ???
THEN, we found out that the above neighbor had kept LBC in his house for the week she went missing, because he was going to take her, when he moved out, to LONDON with him!!!

thankfully she's ninja kitty, and she escaped.

i kinda freaked out, post-reason to actually freak out.  he's been gone for days.  but OMG someone almost abducted my fucking cat!
this is my fault i think, for having a collar on her, but procrastinating getting her a tag with her damn name and my phone number on it!

but.  my landlady did take her to the vet, and it turns out, she's current on her shots, healthy, and already spayed!  so yay, i don't have to do that.  she was probably just spooked that we, too, would capture her and force her to stay inside for a week.  she's not really that kind of cat.

but relieved, i am.  thus concludes your daily adventures of this cat lady.


Andygirl said...

I cannot believe they tried to steal your cat! wtf?

Satan said...

i guess, to be fair, he thought she was his cat??
still. if the cat has a collar, and you didn't put it on her... not. your. cat.

MFA Mama said...

WTF to all the cat-thieves??? I tried to leave you a comment on your other blog but it wouldn't let me. In short, them emm-effers are insane.

Satan said...

other blog like my tumblr?? or which?