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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the smellogram

"...i wish i could just, open my phone, and give you a whiff of what i'm burning," anthony said.  "why don't we have that??"

"yeah, remember when we were promised things like Smell-O-Vision and shit?  we need some of that.  of course, you know what it would end up being used for..."

"well i'd use it to make you jealous of what i'm smoking."

..."dude.  imagine the first text a twelve-year-old would send.  oh crap!"

"Fuck a 12 year old, i would send that shit!"  he said.

"yeah, me too," i admitted.  "i'd send you a card:  Thanks For Being A Good Friend Through All the Shit!!"

ladies and gentlemen, the Smellogram. 

it would immediately be used for fart jokes.

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