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Thursday, March 17, 2011

the latest news in kitchen explosions

go here for more of my favorite comics.  it's kinda like porn, only with way, way more humor involved.
there is so much win to this comic, i can't even describe it.  just go to the website and hit "start" on the right-hand toolbar, and thank me later after you read the whole thing from the beginning.

anyhow, on to the kitchens part.

i am probably the stupidest person ever when it comes to cooking things, because i think things like, "hmm, four eggs?  only have two...  i'll just do that.  it'll be fine!!"
and i have (probably) well-intentioned people telling me to give up and leave well enough alone/use a new recipe/stop cooking for fucks sake, but i get this little toddler-like perverse sense of "No, i'm gonna do it MYSELF!!" when it comes to things i really want to conquer.
like brownies.

behold my most recent attempt at the brownie:

i know, pathetic.  not because of its looks, but because of its strange texture - fudgy, yet gritty.  i can only imagine (other than the eggs part) it's because i combined the ingredients in the incorrect order, because i did, presuming that it wouldn't make a difference.

i WILL conquer the brownies, if it takes me an army.  and another hard-core mixer.

in other news, it's Happy Irish Day (me being a degenerate Heathen i don't exactly support saints, but Hey Let's Get Drunk and Yay Irish!!! is fine by me), and to this end i made potato soup last night.

the kicker is that i made it from ingredients that were thrown to me during a St. Paddy's Parade.  yes, the south does it like that.  behold!!

(by the way, these carrots are UTTERLY enormous.  monster sized carrots.  i ended up only using 2 of them in the soup, and that was plenty.  by the way, anyone know what else to do with a whole damn drawer full of carrots???)

yum.  i also put mushrooms in my soup.  and cheese.  and NOW, i'm gonna go eat some of it.

now go drink a beer!  it's traditional.  better yet, drink SEVERAL BEERS!!

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