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Thursday, March 24, 2011

fuck, now what???

please, go look at that, and help me.

that is my cat LBC on her best behavior, tonight.  she is acting like a fucking crazy person.  even crazier than me.  there is much hissing, and growling, and etcetera.
this is after a few days of being around sporadically, preceded by an absence of 5 or so days.  she's an ex street cat, so i wasn't completely frantic when she didn't show up for a bit, but she is acting so insane and has been for the past few days... what the holy fuck??

is she in heat?  i have no idea, never been around a cat in heat, all of my previous cats have been spayed before it ever got to that.  i called a vet, waiting to hear a response.

in the meantime, oh minions of the interwebs,



Tony Van Helsing said...

My cats have all been spayed as well and have never behaved like this. You do right going to the vet. Also, I didn't know Satan had a cat.

Bloodnock said...

lets burn down the internet

Satan said...

Satan has 3 cats!
Roxy (Fuzzbutt)

Andygirl said...

silly girl, there's an embed box right below the vid. copy the code and paste in it. silly.

and def go to vet. cats are weirdos. mine too.

Satan said...

i KNOW there's an embed button...
but since i was on my own channel, for some unknown unfuckingbelievable reason, i could NOT find it.
so, i fail at the internet.