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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


new orleans bounce.  it's pretty much the shit.
you may not like the music category, but it's so contagious.

of course, there are really good, and really bad examples of it.

like this video.  it was literally shot at my local walmart on Tchopitoulas street.  and yeah.  it's special.  i mean, who writes a rap song about going to walmart???

NOLA is very... unique.

of course, there are great examples of bounce - check this video out!  it had us laughing for hours, last night.  all shot in new orleans, of course.

this is the city i live in.  this is the city i live in.

last night, i had some friends over, and one lovely lady was trying to teach us how to booty bounce like that.  it's FUCKING HARD, and i know how to stripper booty shake already!
one of these days, when i am stupid brave enough to do it, i'm gonna get all my friends together, and we're gonna shake our asses so hard.  in a video.

and then, yes, i will torture y'all with it.

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