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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i made y'all some shit! you'll thank me.

you'll remember when this went down, i'm sure.  well, i've done something!

my store is here.   you can get excellent t-shirt choices, such as "SATAN THINKS I'M COOL," and "SATAN'S MINION."  whichever you feel applies more. 

and now, the lovely Lisa Galaviz is promoting for me!!!
just in case that wasn't enough, she also provided a few other options for me...
she's gonna be my new official Right-Hand-Commander of Minions.
obviously, she can get the job done.

(if anyone else is lusting after a spot on my high command... do let me know.  tell me a few things about yourself.   list talents first, then weaknesses.  the weaknesses will probably be more interesting.) 

either store is completely authorized by me, i'm not gonna make much (or any) money off this store, i just want to have fun.  (heheheh.)  i'll be creating more products as i go along, probably.

i laughed really hard today when i got on a website with ads, and the first thing i saw was this:

now, i need an iPhone, just to properly appreciate myself.  although, i'm thinking i might make my own personal one.  obviously i already know i'm cool.


Satan said...

lol, you and me both!

i've also designed more cases & shirts over at my zazzle store. check it out!

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

I was thinking you should do some Android cases. I have a droid vortex and I would sport that case.

Satan said...

i would, but i can't find one on zazzle! : [

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Well that is ok.. I will go with a t-shirt. What about mugs? I would so drink out of it every day.

Satan said...

your mugs are CREATED! go wild!