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Monday, July 4, 2011

how a slug attacked my cat Punk

imagine if you let your cat in, picked him up for snuggles, and found a live slug struggling to get free from his belly fur.

well, that was my last night.

the unfortunate slug wasn't all that big, but it was very firmly stuck.  i'm not scared of slugs, so i poked at it, but i couldn't move it without risking squashing it, which i didn't want to do.  combine this with a very squirmy cat who wants down, and we gots problems.

the Matt eventually rescued the slug with a napkin (well, hopefully it lived), and the newly nicknamed Icky Slug Kitty was left to deal with the large sticky patch on his stomach, on his own.

which reminds me, i should really go check if Icky Slug Kitty can still stick to shit with his stomach.  that would actually be pretty cool.


Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

are you sure it wasn't a leach? either way, sick.

Satan said...

absolutely fucking positive it wasn't a leach!
for one thing, we're in city new orleans, so he would have to go really fucking far before he'd ever find a leach.
plus, i like bugs, so i know what they look like. a leach would have had its head totally buried in Punk's belly, but this slug was waving his head around, trying to escape!

i still feel badly for the poor slug.