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Saturday, July 9, 2011

you typed what?

four!  four page searches, for this phrase:

 "who plays anggie n rony on shake it up"

 i can't even believe this phrase pulls up my blog.  but it does.  on the front page, no less.  weird.

three! three page searches for the following phrases:


"satan help to sing"

"your wife is hot billboard new orleans"

okay, the "your wife is hot" billboard makes sense.  i may be one of the few who have written about it.  i'm on google's front page.

but really, who is going to ask about satan teaching them how to sing?  (granted, i could, but i really doubt i can over the internet...)  but it is the first link that pulls up on google.  oookay.

and as far as "esss" goes, my blog doesn't even pull up within the first ten google pages, sooo... how the hell did 3 people find me with this search term?  fuck i'm confused.

i also have a problem: this website, tattoodesignsvault dot com (and no i'm not linking it, because they don't need any business from me).  i'm getting a lot of referrals from them.
i have no idea how this is happening, but i don't like it.
the reason i don't like it, is that the only reason a tattoo site would be linking to me, is if they've stolen the design of my back piece.  and since it is a custom design, that is HIGHLY NOT COOL.

not to mention that i can't figure out if they have my design or not, because you have to pay to enter their tattoo designs pages.  ASSHOLES.

if i do find out that they've stolen my design, i'm gonna rip them a new asshole.


Brandy Wilcoxen said...

I had ppl find my page while searching for "zombie porn anime"....

Satan said...

hmm. i wonder if they DID find any zombie porn anime...
not on your blog, i mean, but in general.