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Saturday, July 16, 2011

i tried really, really hard to kill Harry Potter, but that dude is impossible to kill!


my fellow nerds and i headed out Thursday night, to stand in line for two hours, before the HP premiere, so as to get non-sucky seats.  so, while we were standing there, fiddling with our dueling wands, i got bored, and decided to go kill some Harrys.  after all, they wouldn't miss a few - right?

SuperHarry didn't put up much of a fight, actually.

Luna, being appropriately spacey.

this Harry seemed strangely excited that i wanted to kill her.

at least this Harry was appropriately terrified.

Voldemort and i teamed up on Hermione.

this Harry seemed so, so confused.  poor thing.  his brain was addled by my spells, no doubt.

and then i tried to kill Luna...

 Tonks and i dueled.  i'm not sure if i killed her, but i know someone did!

i'm still trying to get all of that ton-tongue toffee out of my teeth.

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Sweet Lily said...

Wonderful pics! Well done!