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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

picking up the pieces of the niiiight...

 oh, shit.  this isn't gonna be good.

jesus fuck, my head hurts.
is it really 8:30am?
fuck.  it is.
oh man, i must have been hammered last night.

check available evidence:  damnit.
i didn't mean to sleep in these pants, they're dirty.
is that a plate beside the bed?  yep.  sandwich crumbs.  i don't remember eating a sandwich.

okay, chug some iced tea.  it's gonna be okay, my pounding head, it's gonna be okay.
sooner or later.

shit, did i leave the groceries from last night in the car?  whew - no, they're on the kitchen counter.  shit, did i get the cold stuff from my friend's fridge last night at MNDC?  i don't remember doing that - but it's in my fridge, so i must have.  or maybe Matt did.  or maybe my brother.
goddamnit, i hate it when this happens!

why in motherfucking hell is half of my hair stuck together in one big mat?

did i post anything weirder than normal on twitter last night?  or funnier than normal?

hahahaha!  sweet.  i hope i was singing it all evening.

my sinuses are fucked.  hmm.  did i vomit last night?  no evidence of that.  toilet is clean... my throat doesn't feel sandpapered.  probably not.  in fact, that is most likely the problem.  i think i drank the equivalent of 8 shots of scotch last night.

okay.  more tea.  head, stop hurting so i can think about this!

i left candy everywhere.  huh?

deep breaths, you squashed it.  deeeep breaths.

i really do.

why does my wrist hurt like a motherfucker?

oh yeah.... NOW i remember.  hopefully he hurts more.

when in doubt about much of the previous night....
ask a witness.


why the hell was i so damn drunk?  that amount of scotch shouldn't put me under like that, i've drunk half a bottle and felt better...

oh.  right.  probably the fault of eating almost nothing yesterday.
well, it just happened.
yeah, it was fucking dumb.
what did i eat?
some chips... some shock tarts...
(and evidently, a sandwich)

is that ALL?

damnit.  this is my fault, isn't it.

i just contemplated drinking a leftover PBR someone left in my fridge.
i hate that shit.

i need to eat something. 

i tried to eat something.  my stomach just flipped me off. 

kill me now!

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Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Sounds like you had an interesting night!

I will have to blog really soon about my drunkcapades where I think I am an animal/bug/mammal.